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Film Distribution Platform

Movieschain by tvzavr is the first platform in the world directly connecting independent filmmakers with viewers. You choose the rights (TVoD, EST) and countries for distribution.

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About Movieschain by tvzavr

Movieschain by tvzavr is the blockchain-based technology, the first platform in the world to connect independent filmmakers directly with viewers.

The company on the market since 2009, the leader among Russian Internet cinemas, is available on all platforms, a collection of more than 40,000 films, has more than 200 servers around the world.

This platform is a convenient interface by which distributors or copyright holders upload video content to the tvzavr online cinema film library, add descriptions, posters and trailers to it.

After passing the moderation of video the content becomes available for purchase and viewing on: smart TV, iOS, Android, web and other platforms around the world.

In Movieschain by tvzavr, the blockchain plays one of the key roles - transparency at all stages (from the acquisition and viewing of video content to settlements with the filmmaker or distributor), the security of payments, convenient and independent audit, the efficiency of use by small teams without investing in infrastructure.

Movieschain by tvzavr solutions

Platform Movieschain by tvzavr solves multiple challenges faced by the independent film industry (with an annual distribution market of $20 billon):

Independent Film Producers Compete for Revenue

  • Rental income does not go to middlemen

  • Financing is scarce

  • Copyright compliance

Freedom to choose content for viewers

  • Independence from the dominant services of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others

  • Access to content created outside the main streaming conglomerates

Powerful advertising platform

  • Advertisers are sure what content they are actually paying for

  • Bogus sites and fraudulent bots do not affect indicators

  • Targeting advertisements for the target audience

tvzavr online cinema

  • Main office

    Moscow (2nd Troitsky Lane, 5)

  • Team

    Over 75 employees

  • Winner of the Runet Award

    In the nomination "For the best technology and innovation"

History of tvzavr

  • 2009

    Creating an online movie theater tvzavr by a group of graduates of one of the most prestigious universities in the country - MIPT

  • 2015

    tvzavr becomes one of the leaders in the Russian VOD market

  • 2017

    Announcement of the launch of the MoviesChain project by tvzavr

  • 2018

    tvzavr’s audience reached 35 million users per month

  • 2018

    The company's annual revenue was $ 12 million

  • 2019

    The finished Moviesсhain by tvzavr platform was first introduced at the Cannes Film Market Marche du Film 2019

Movieschain movies on tvzavr

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