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Cannes 2019: the Russian pavilion program

Today, on April 24th, the MIA Russia Today hosted a press conference of the official delegation of Russian filmmakers participating in the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival and the Marché du Film market (May 14th - 25th). The press conference was attended by: Ekaterina Mtsituridze, Director General of ROSKINO, Olesya Yakovleva, director of the film “Complicated”, Danila Yakovlev, producer of the film “Complicated”, Tatyana Zavyalova, senior vice president of PJSC Sberbank, director of the department of marketing and communications, Sergey Sarkisisov, director, general producer of the Blitz films film company, Dmitry Kotov, rector of the Arka Higher School of Cinema at the Higher School of Economics, Vadim Subbotin, head of project development department of MoviesChain by tvzavr, and other participants of the Russian Pavilion program

The Cannes Film Festival is the leading event for most independent copyright holders. It is here that the main negotiations with film studios and partners are mainly held, major contracts are planned and signed. Last year, we presented the idea of the MoviesChain project by tvzavr at Marché du Film. During the year, we managed not only to finalize the technology development, but also to upload the significant amount of content with its help, including the Oscar-winner GREEN BOOK. ROSKINO has an outstanding international reputation and many examples of successful cases of bringing Russian content to the international market. We have been cooperating for more than a year and realize this partner is very useful for us both from the point of view of business and promotion: thanks to our partnership we managed to sign about 30 important contracts. The info about the project was published in the leading Russian and foreign media, including the Forbes, Reuter, Kommersant and others. says Olesya Teplova, the vice president of strategic communications.