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Opening of a joint project "Cinema in the Hermitage" by the State Hermitage Museum and the Internet cinema tvzavr.

The experimental charity project “Cinema in the Hermitage” will open on October 11, 2019 at the famous Hermitage Theater with a premiere series of short films based on scripts by Alexander Tsypkin. After the screening, the writer himself together with the actors and presenter Alexander Malich, will present his films and answer the questions of the audience. The project is dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia, and organized by the State Hermitage and the tvzavr online cinema. In case of success, it will be followed by new pre-premiere screenings and meetings with world cinema stars at different houses of the Hermitage: in the Hermitage Theater, in the Headquarters Building, and in the Restoration and Storage Center.

The choice of films presented at the Hermitage Theater was made for a reason: “All the short films by Alexander Tsypkin tell about modern people living in a big city, including St. Petersburg. Here they meet, fall in love, say goodbye, do business - generally speaking, they live there. Each film story is similar to a kind of theatre sketch threaded with the energy of real life,” says Olesya Teplova, the vice president for strategic communications at tvzavr.

In the Hermitage Theater, films based on the script of Alexander Tsypkin will be for the first time united into a full-length movie and presented on a large screen. The series will include: “Did you love him?” (directed by Elena Polyakova), “Farewell, beloved” (directed by Ksenia Rappoport, Pavel Kapinos, Alexander Tsypkin), “Euthanasia” (directed by Elena Brodach), “Morning Sex” (directed by Alexander Tsypkin) and “Dark Night. Anna Karenina” (directed by Radda Novikova).

I am so much lucky producers and directors get interested in my stories, and the best actors of our country agree to represent their characters in cinema. And despite the great success of short films, I had a non-realized dream before, that is presenting the works based on my scripts in a row, like an almanac with mood flowing from one movie to another, and with some kind of general message,” - says Alexander Tsypkin.

Viewers of the premiere of short films by Alexander Tsypkin will get the opportunity to make donations to the "Butterfly Children" Foundation, the trustees of which include also Ksenia Rappoport, the People's Artist of Russia, and Danila Kozlovsky, the theater and film actor. “I am happy and proud of the long-term friendship of our “Butterfly Children” Foundation with the great Hermitage Museum. This year gives life to a new interesting charity project, “Cinema in the Hermitage”. I am sure it will bring pleasure and joy to its viewers, and help our fragile wards. I sincerely thank all the participants!” said Ksenia Rappoport.