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MoviesChain by tvzavr enhanced international cooperation in Berlin

Within the 69th Berlinale International Film Festival, ROSKINO convened a round table discussion on Russia’s international collaboration in the cinema industry. The VoD platform tvzavr shared the achievements of its international blockchain project Movieschain having outlined briefly its results.

Actually in the situation of economic isolation there are some international projects that appear to move the distribution of both independent and major film studios. enables film makers from anywhere in the world to upload their movies themselves and the viewers – to get the access to the content that has previously been barely accessible, noted Vice-President for Strategic Communications of VoD tvzavr Olesya Teplova. We are collaborating the 3rd year in a row with Roskino and we see some important results for business and we expect around 30 new contracts with right holders to be signed this year. Besides, we have already reached the agreement to integrate Green Book and Acid to MoviesChain by tvzavr, which is for sure great news”, she added.