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Main fears of filmmakers: virtual reality, blockchain and Netflix

The Cannes Film Festival is largely a conservative institution. But even there everyone understands: the industry is changing rapidly. This year, on the margins of the Cannes, they discussed not only the new Tarantino, but also the way to get rid of dizziness in Oculus Rift VR glasses, and the possibility of blockchain to destroy Netflix soon.

Streaming platforms are mainly not content producers, but only intermediaries charging some fee for providing a movie to a user. The blockchain technology disrupts this process, making it transparent and controllable, and opening up additional opportunities for amateur films, explains Sergey Klimentov, the project manager for MoviesChain by TVzavr. According to him, every film festival and forum increases the awareness of market participants about this new technology. Only for the past festival, the company has signed more than fifty contracts with independent copyright holders from around the world for uploading their films and TV shows to TVzavr via MoviesChain. The content can be downloaded directly from any place in the world. Thus, independent film studios gain access to a global audience, and viewers get the opportunity to see new interesting films by directors whose works have not previously been presented on the international stage, says Sergey Klimentov.